Is this Normal?

I realized the other day that I have not posted to this blog in some time.  Between work, spending time with my family, performing music, coaching lacrosse, and doing my own athletic training, there just isn’t much time for writing.  When I think about how much regular bloggers do to keep up their sites…I am humbled by their dedication.

It has been nearly three full years that I have worn kimono on a nearly daily basis and I am wondering if it has become “normal” now.  I don’t think quite so much about what I am going to wear.  I have grown accustomed to the questions and stares from people I meet.  My students and fellow faculty have become so used to my apparel that they are shocked if I am not wearing kimono (I sometimes change into my athletic clothes before leaving campus).  So, in many ways it is normal now and perhaps the normality has chipped a bit from the contemplation.

I still struggle a bit with the occasional question about cultural appropriation.  Most recently we have been discussing what “authentic” means in my classes.  Does your blood heritage automatically qualify you to wear ethnic clothing or practice other ethnic art forms?  Is my being of Irish descent make my music more real?  What about respect for the culture, continuous training and practice, and experience?

When behavior becomes normal, you run the danger of becoming complacent.  Perhaps contemplation is the antidote.IMG_0041

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